Welcome to my new 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization

It’s been some time since we’ve “talked”.  But I’ve been busy starting up a new Nonprofit corporation, that has full IRS 501(c)3 rights, meaning any donations are tax deductible. The name of this new venture is:

LifeWork Photo Inc.

And my Mission is to ……use my photography eye and skills to support social causes.

This idea obviously started with my ongoing….and it IS still ongoing, more later……Cultural Fabric of Philadelphia photo book project.  I’ve now turned the “project” into a “program”, meaning that I’ll be doing new immigrant communities every year.  I’ll also be doing the immigrant community presentations from last years’ communities this year.  Again, I’ll do a separate post on the Cultural Fabric of Philadelphia (CFP) program later.

For now, this post is just to say Hello and that I’ll now be talking with you more from this website than my other, dave1photo.com website.

Have a safe day.

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