Welcome To LifeWork Photo Inc.

Welcome To LifeWork Photo Inc

At 65 years old, I believe that God has been very good to me in my lifetime and that I now would like to give back to help others the way so many people have helped me in my life.  I’m my Mother’s son.  So I’ve formed LifeWork Photo Inc., a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization with a Mission Statement that is ….to use my photography eye and skills to support social causes.

The current immigration “debate” in this country has done harm.  It has scared some good people, which is wrong.  But more so it has disrespected good people, which is just as wrong.  And it must end.  People, all over this country (and City) need to get back to “basics”, meaning the basics of good human kindness, compassion, goodness, honesty, caring, and the positive things that have made this country, this City, my neighborhood in Reading, the wonderful places that they are……or at least were.

My Cultural Fabric of Philadelphia photo book project that started in 2015 (before the 2016 Presidential campaign and election) began as a simple photography project, just like my Italian Market photo book project.  But then came Trump.  And our “simple” project changed.  The simple photo book project became an “immigrant community awareness” project.  And it’s been growing ever since, into an important effort to bring fairness, honor, respect back to people, human beings just like you and me, who deserve it.

I now see that I can contribute, in one small way, to helping “fix” this problem.  And I plan to do just that.  Please follow and support our work.

Oh, here’s the new photo book cover design, below.

I need to give a “shout out” here.  This is just another of the many tremendous creative pieces of this new photo book that are the work of Kat Kuo Design, Katharine Kuo Graphic Designer.  Kat has got to be one of the very best and most creative graphic designers that I have ever met or worked with.  Her technical talent is coupled with her strong personal commitment to her work and the people that she’s working for.  She “feels” for this project, just like I do.  And when you couple that kind of intangible quality, with raw graphic art talent, you get what you are all going to see out of this new photo book.

So please keep in touch and be sure to order one of the photo books, right here from the online store.

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