The Cultural Fabric of Philadelphia

A Philadelphia Immigrant Community Awareness Project

Dave Lakatos, Photographer

Director, LifeWork Photo Inc.


Philadelphia has a rich immigrant past.  Based on the increasing numbers of immigrants now arriving in Philadelphia, the City will also have a rich immigrant future. Philly’s immigrant communities not only add a cultural richness to the City, they are also responsible for considerable economic growth.

Immigrants and their communities are now experiencing a challenging time throughout the country.  Misunderstanding of immigrants is rampant. Greater education and awareness of immigrant communities is now necessary, nationally as well as here in Philadelphia.  People need to recognize the value of immigrants, as people, as neighbors, and as economic drivers.

What is the Cultural Fabric of Philadelphia Photo Book?

The Cultural Fabric of Philadelphia photo book is a high quality Coffee Table book about Philly’s immigrant communities…..who they are and what they bring to the City of Philadelphia.  The goal for this project was to increase awareness and understanding of Philly’s immigrant communities.

The Volume I photo book was completed in the Summer of 2018 and includes the following immigrant communities; Chinese, Dominican, German, Indonesian, Liberian and Vietnamese.  The Volume I Photo Book was released at a book release and gallery show event at City Hall, with Mayor Kenney giving his remarks about the project, on September 20, 2018.


See a sample of the Volume I photo book here by clicking on the link in this tab.

The Volume II photo book work started in the Spring of 2018.  Volume II will include the following immigrant communities; Mexican, Ukrainian, Indian, Jamaican and Haitian.

You can purchase Volume I of the Cultural Fabric of Philadelphia photo books here……