Mission:  Lifework Photo is a visual story-telling platform that uses the power of social documentary photography to highlight major social issues such as immigration, mental health and suicide prevention and engage people in responding to them. Lifework photo books tell stories that offer hope to others facing the same or similar challenges, break down barriers, raise awareness, increase understanding and unite people in creating a better society for all.


  • People and their stories matter;
  • All people must be treated with dignity, respect and fairness
  • Build honest and trusting relationships with people who are being photographed
  • Photographs of individuals must not jeopardize their safety or well-being
  • Everyone is responsible for bringing about the changes needed to redress social ills and injustices
  • Collaborate with those already working towards change


Social Documentary photography is a universal visual language that speaks to the heart and the mind, documenting and bringing viewers face to face with social realities. Lifework Photo uses images to make visible hidden, unseen, overlooked and disadvantaged individuals and groups. These images break down barriers by fostering identification with others across race, ethnicity, nationality and borders, culture, religious affiliation, gender identity and presentation, economic status, citizenship, and physical and cognitive disabilities. They inform and challenge viewers, and bear witness to what is good in society and to what needs to be changed. They deepen our understanding and emotional connection to social issues, compelling us to question, to help, to take action, to right a wrong, and to make our society a more just and fairer one.