LifeWork Photo Inc.

Thanks for visiting my new website and now my new Blog. I’ll be closing my other commercial website,, shortly and will now be using this website for all of my photography posts.

LifeWork Photo represents the next step in my professional photography journey. was my old commercial website, where I posted photo’s and blogs about my wedding and other commercial photography. While I’ll still do some of that kind of work, as and if it becomes available, I’m not moving on to my photo book (and photo-essay) projects. Further, I’m going to be looking for photo book projects that allow me to “give back”, or to use my photography skills and experience to support social causes.

What this will mean can be shown by the two photo book projects I’m working on right now.

  1. The Cultural Fabric of Philadelphia project.

2. I Chose To Live – Photo Stories of Hope

This is a new mental health photo book project that deals with depression and suicide prevention. This project is still in the development stage and we’re working on a full project description right now. We’re also looking for funding for this project.

I’ll be posting more about this new and exciting project for me as soon as I can. But please understand that this is a major project for me that holds tremendous meaning and importance.

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