Cultural Fabric of Philadelphia Program To Produce A Volume II Photo Book for 5 New Immigrant Communities

Photo Stories For 5 New Immigrant Communities

Our ongoing immigrant community awareness and education program, called the Cultural Fabric of Philadelphia, is now (2018) starting a new photo book for 5 new communities; Mexican, Ukrainian, Indian, Haitian, Jamaican.  This work will be done within the 12 months of 2018, in order to catch all of the important festivals and events for these communities.  And we’ve gotten some really expert, committed and engaged community leaders to help us with this work.  See the list below.

If anyone reading this is either a member of these immigrant communities, or knows members, please pass along my request for them to reach out to me if they have anything that they would like to offer us to consider for the community photo stories.

Mexico Carlos Torres Mexican Consulate Media and Promotion Director
Mexico Ivette Compean Mexican Cultural Center Managing Director
India Manisha Patel Community Advocate
India Fariha Kahn Penn Asian American Studies Program Associate Director
Ukraine Anatoli Murha Community Advocate
Ukraine Tom Maksymiuk Ukranian American Civic Association Vice President
Haiti Numa St. Loius Community Advocate
Haiti Gilda Jean-Louis Elise Joseph Foundation CEO
Haiti Bishop Missel Josiaste Zion Penecostal Church of God of New Direction Pastor
Haiti Giordani Jean-Baptiste Haitian Coalition of Philadelphia Vice President
Jamaica Amanda Haynes-Rose Community Advocate
Jamaica Donahue Baily Jamaican Diaspora of NE USA PA Chairman
Jamaica Akelia Lawrence-Maitland Jamaican Diaspora of NE USA Northeast USA Chairperson

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