LifeWork Photo Inc.

A Philadelphia-based 501(c)(3) Nonprofit organization with Principal Office at 230 South 3rd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Dave Lakatos, Executive Director

Founding Executive Director Dave Lakatos is a photographer with over two decades of experience in a range of photographic fields. He brings a set of photographic skills to Lifework Photo, finely honed through wide-ranging work in commercial and personal photography. He states “Since I first picked up a camera in the early 1990s, I have worked to build my skills at visual storytelling. When I discovered the photographic visual language, I saw that it could inform, educate and move viewers without the need for a shared spoken language. While I’ve done many different types of photography, from commercial to the personal, I derive the greatest satisfaction from telling photo stories that document the plights of those who are facing difficult issues, expose social ills that need to be addressed and unite people in addressing them.”

Dave’s first photo book project, Philadelphia’s Historic Italian Market: A Stroll through the Heart of South Philadelphia, was developed at the request of the United Merchants of the South 9th Business Association. The experience of developing this photo book, as well as prior work on personal photo essays, led to Dave’s founding of Lifework Photo as a visual story-telling platform dedicated to social change. Lifework Photo’s first project was the photo book The Cultural Fabric of Philadelphia: An Intimate Look at Philadelphia’s Immigrant Communities. The second project, I Chose to Live: Photo Stories of Hope photo book addresses the issue of suicide prevention, one that is very close to Dave’s heart.

Dr. Dante Sanchez, CEO, Cognitive Behavioral Services

Dante worked as a MD in his native Dominican Republic before coming to the United States in the early 1950’s.  In the US, Dante pursued a behavioral health career, obtaining numerous certifications and licenses in this area. A sampling of these includes psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychiatric rehabilitation, drug and alcohol recovery and metaphysical theology.

After working in recognized behavioral health organizations for many years, up to the Director level, Dante formed Cognitive Behavioral Services in 2006 to help address the behavioral health needs of patients in north Philly. One important patient base in this part of the City is the large Hispanic immigrant community in north Philly.

Dante is very active in the City’s Dominican community, serving in leadership roles for Casa Dominicana and the annual Dominican Parade in the City.

Barry Eiswerth, Global Philadelphia Association

Barry Eiswerth is a consulting Architect in Philadelphia, formerly Senior Partner at H2L2 Architects/ Planners with clients ranging from major universities to Fortune 100 corporations.

He guided the firm’s international growth strategies which included the planning and design of over fifty international schools worldwide.

He is a board member of the Global Philadelphia Association and is a member of the Arts and Culture committee of that organization. Barry also serves on the Philadelphia World Heritage City Project as a member its core leadership team.

Voffee Jabeteh, Executive Director, African Cultural Alliance of North America (ACANA)

Voffee Jabateh is the founder of and has served as CEO and Executive Director of the African Cultural Alliance of North America, ACANA, since 2001. He is a native of Liberia and moved to Philadelphia as a result of the Liberian civil war in 1990. In Liberia, Mr. Jabateh served as a president of the Jabateh International Trading Corporation, Inc.

A seasoned community leader and organizer, Voffee has played an instrumental role in the founding of other important African organizations in Philadelphia including the Mayor’s Commission on African and Caribbean Affairs, the African Family Health Organization (AFAHO) and the Liberian Association of Pennsylvania.

Prior to his work with ACANA, Voffee has worked for the Philadelphia Department of Human Services as a social worker. Voffee obtained his Masters Degree in Social Work from Temple University, and a dual Bachelor’s degree in political science and sociology from the University of Liberia.

Terry Dougherty, Comptroller, Glen Mills Schools and CPA

Terry is a licensed CPA in Pennsylvania and currently serves as the Comptroller for the Glen Mills Schools in Delaware County, just outside of Philadelphia. Terry previously served as an economic counselor for clients of a private accounting practice in suburban Philadelphia.